Center for Global Citizenship

A Passion to Engage the World

Today’s students live in an ever-changing world that demands a global perspective. The Center for Global Citizenship provides a K-12 curriculum focused on the progression of skills from building empathy in young children to having a global mindset on world affairs in the Upper School.

Throughout their education, students gain an increasing awareness and appreciation of the world's diverse cultures, politics and religions. Equipped with a multicultural perspective and empathetic understanding, our graduates are setting out in the world, ready to engage and make a difference in it.

  • Lake Ridge Academy offers all students K-12 the opportunity to study a world language.

  • International travel opportunities start in Middle School with an annual 8th grade class trip to Quebec. Optional international trips are available to Upper School students each year through the Global Voyages Program
  • If you are interested in learning more about the Global Voyages Program, see the highlights below for more information and email Coordinator of the Program Michelle Williams at [email protected]

  • Several student clubs support global education, including the Culture Club, Humanitarian Aid Society and our annual Culture Fest, a school-wide celebration of world music, food, and dress.

  • Partnerships with outside global organizations like the Cleveland Council on World Affairs enable students to gain real-world experience.

  • Upper School students with a passion for the humanities are able to conduct a two-year, college-level independent research project in the Global and International Studies Program.

Global Voyages

  • Exploring Art, Culture and Service in Peru 2023

    Immerse yourself in the culture of Peru, connect with the local people while performing a service project, and visit Machu Picchu, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

    Enrollment Closes 12/01/22

  • STEM in Great Britain 2024

    Explore the dazzling views of Edinburgh while discovering its rich medical history. Then travel to London, where you’ll participate in forensics and coding workshops.

    Enrollment is Open

  • Charting the Galapagos Islands 2025

    Learn about the unique species that call the islands home.On mainland Ecuador, experience the local culture in Quito. Independence Plaza and the Intiñan Museum provide social context to the biological wonders of this fascinating country.

    Learn More

  • Madrid, Paris & Rome 2026

    Explore three beautiful European cities, enjoying the art, music and food that each city has to offer.

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